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Not only do I use this for my email but with a large amount of design files + the need for client sharing, Workspace comes in very handy!

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My Shopping cart that I use and LOVE! You save so much with the lifetime license vs a monthly subscription.


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Instagram Scheduler we can't live without! If you're posting to Instagram on the fly, you'll want to check out Planoly. It's Instagram Approved!


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For beautiful, brand-aligned emails that convert. Easy to use and perfect for scaling your email marketing game.


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Honeybook is your all-in-one platform for scheduling, sending contracts, and complete project management. Perfect for service based businesses.

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The website platform for high-impact, visually stunning sites that set your brand apart. My go-to for that high-end look and feel.


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Disclosure: Some (not all) links on this page are affiliate links which I may receive a small commission for. It won't cost you anymore and you may even receive a discount. Please know, I only share things that I use and absolutely love!


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Cognito Forms

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Christy's Picks

depuff with me

Late work nights can take a toll, and that's my ice roller comes in. A refreshing solution for puffy tired eyes and a soothing relief for headaches. It's my must-have for those late night creative sessions.

late night secret weapon

be comfy + cozy

For those work-from-home days, my go-to outfit is this cute, casual, and super comfy set. It's easy to wear around the house with slippers or throwing on shoes and jewelry for running quick errands.

work from home chic

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Meet my absolute favorite—the Long Puffer Vest. It offers the perfect balance of keeping cool air off my legs and gives warmth without being too heavy. I own it in three colors and get compliments every time I wear it.

chill proof essential

Tucker's Picks

try them for your bbf

These all-natural calming drops are my go-to during loud storms or when there's fireworks (I get a bit anxious). Mom says they work like magic, and I'm inclined to agree. If your furry friend isn't a fan of booming sounds, give these a try!

chosen treat

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Sure, I love all toys (can you blame me?), but this one's the champion. It's my go-to when my human colleagues get wrapped up with those 'clients' they're always chatting about. Keeps me entertained and them guilt-free!

Favorite toy

grab my treats here!

These Buddy Biscuit treats are top-notch snacks for the 'best boy' (their claim, but they're not wrong). Give them a try, your furry office buddy will be over the moon. Or, you know, just trust my impeccable taste!

chosen treat

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Business tools, books, and a little beauty.

See the products I use to enhance my life and business.  I've curated my favorite purchases + items that I can't do business without!

If you're in love with the products and/or looking to add an income stream. Click here or contact me.

It's a laid back, no pressure kind of environment but with a sales team that is killing it and shows up to teach and support if that's your thing too.

P.S. I take my modere lotion and hand soap and add to my Sweetwater Decor bottles. I'm in love with their bottles and the look it gives my home.

simply remove anything you don't want to try!

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The Trim collection + Trebiotic (for gut) is a great place to start.

I replaced all cleaning products and if you have hard water the dishwasher gel is life changing.

The collagen is one of my fav products.

Obsessed with this moisturizer.

These are some of my favs

I've been using Modere since 2020. I fell in love with the Collagen and eventually started using more and more of the products.

I've replaced so many toxic things in my house with Modere products. From beauty products to the laundry room, you can find Modere all over my house.


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