A fun fact to consider: Even poorly formatted text can drive away potential clients in seconds. It's not just about big, sweeping changes; sometimes, the smallest tweaks can significantly boost sales, without the need for a hefty investment.

Many DIY enthusiasts and business owners aren't sure what these crucial elements are. That’s exactly where the Success Audit steps in.

In the blink of an eye, your website, brand, sales page, or marketing strategy needs to engage visitors and start converting them into clients. 

The missing pieces in your digital presence could be what's standing between you and higher profits.

Yep, it only takes three seconds to make a lasting impact! 

If you sense that something's not quite resonating with your site or brand, a professional touch can make all the difference. With our Success Audit, you get more than just expert eyes on your business; we're here to transform those silent, cricket-filled moments into cha-chings through simple yet impactful changes!

Our Success Audit is much more than just a mere review.  It's a strategic deep dive to uncover the hidden gems and overlooked opportunities in your digital presence, setting the stage for tangible enhancements and success.

Videos average 45min - 1 hour long depending on the size of your website and content.

Simply purchase an Audit, fill out the form with all of  your information and within 2-3 business days you'll receive your completed Audit!

To get started:

After the audit, you’ll be armed with actionable insights to implement my suggestions. It's your roadmap to making meaningful changes and taking your business to new heights, all without the steep cost of custom design work or intensive 1:1 sessions.

During your audit, I'll meticulously review your offers, sales pages, website, and social media accounts, recording every step. This way, you'll get an insider's view, seeing exactly what I see and understanding the 'whys' behind my suggestions.

Here's how it works:

The review designed to transform your site with simple yet effective changes, helping you better attract and engage your audience.

Success Audits


Tips to directing people to your email list so you can grow it!

Any app, plugin, or program suggestions I may have to make your life easier!

Overall Success Review (plus tips needed to make sure you stay on brand)

Lifetime private access
to your video

Video of your complete Audit (walk through it with me).

My tips for your social media and having a recognizable brand that is consistent throughout your marketing.

Design tips or changes to make your site (or sales page, offers, etc) POP and help build trust for your customer!

Tips on any tech that could help you.


What your audit includes:

Your Investment

I'm ready to elevate my online presence!

Natalie C.

I cannot express enough how fantastic everything is. I’m OBSESSED with my brand for the first time ever!


Lori C.

Christy Jo is “real”. She is honest and will tell you sometimes what you don’t want to hear but she knows how to take a business forward. I love that she even becomes a true friend along with being an amazing mentor/coach. If you follow her instructions, you will succeed.


Ashley A.

I love the passion Christy Jo brings to business, and to branding! She is professional, thoughtful and has great attention to detail. She helped us fall in love with the story our brand gets to tell.




I've helped my clients:

Hit $100K months with organic marketing strategies.

Get most of their wholesale applications through google search rankings!

Have a $100K course launch that continued to grow.

Grow a new facebook group to thousands without paid ads or adding everyone and their cousins.

Start a membership group that exploded (hello, passive income).

Grow an email list by hundreds organically every single month.

Have a nearly 6-figure Black Friday sale.

I can help you too!

Go ahead, take a nap while I audit your...

Website Pages



Overall Brand Consistency

Social Media


Your Investment

Make Those First Three Seconds Count! Book Your Audit Today.

Income Disclaimer: Designing or auditing your brand does not guarantee sales or increased conversions. Your audience, consistency in marketing, and other factors can attribute to sales and increased conversions! 

Book It!

Currently, I only take on a limited number of clients each quarter. We can chat after your Audit about my openings and pricing. I can also always give a list of very experienced designers that I recommend.

What if I realized I want a new brand/website?

Pretty doesn't always equal sales. There is so much more to a pretty brand. If your designer was not experienced in conversions or didn't talk to you about consistency, you might need a fresh set of eyes. You're probably here because you feel like you're missing something. I can help you figure out what that is.

What if I had a professional do my branding, website, etc?

This means you're more than likely selling from a social media channel. If that's the case and you are not happy with your sales, an Audit can still help you. It's important to make sure you have a consistent brand + are connecting with your audience.

What if I don't have a Website?