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Discover the Mingus template: a luxurious Showit design perfect for business coaches and service providers. Elevate your online presence with this template's high-end look, perfect for showcasing your expertise and attracting clients. 

Packed with a diverse array of canvases and strategically designed pages, each Coyote Haus template is crafted to cater to a variety of needs. Whether it’s showcasing your best services or launching digital products, our templates deliver versatility and style in spades.

  • Fonts are thoughtfully selected and licensed for seamless integration within the Showit platform.
  • Images are carefully curated and free for use, with sources available in our comprehensive resource guide.
  • A Showit subscription is necessary to utilize this template.

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The Mingus

For New Accts!

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Resource guide

Launch Checklist

Plus, these bonuses!

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Bonus Pages

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Included Pages

What You'll Get

You get a sales-focused, professional design created with strategy. Everything our custom clients get, without the custom price tag.

A range of special bonuses just for you to help you launch your site with ease.

Personalized 1:1 support from our Coyote Haus team, plus real-time assistance with Live Chat via Showit.

A tailor-made mobile design for a seamless cross-device experience.

Powerful SEO and blogging capabilities with Wordpress, should you want to add a blog.

A fully responsive and customizable website template, complete with all the pages shown in our demo – ready for you to make it your own!

Every Coyote Haus Template Includes:

Watch our quick video to see the simplicity and power of Showit.

Showit in Action: Designing Made Delightfully Easy


Buying a Showit template is one thing. Editing it to fit your brand fonts, colors, photos, and copy? That’s a whole other thing. One that, frankly, you may not have the time or want to do. That's why we're here!

Want a designer’s eyes (& hands) on your Showit website? Ditch the DIY and we’ll get your site launched in two days!

got the vision… but don’t got the time

Showit is an easy to use, drag and drop website builder. You can easily customize, change, add-to, or revamp any of our  templates at the click of a button. 

Showit integrates with Wordpress, packing a huge punch in not only website design but SEO capabilities, as well.

No coding necessary and plenty of support available to help you!

We include this with your resources but, if you have a website only (no blog) you can use the lower Showit subscription.

If you're blogging I recommend the middle tier (starter blog) subscription.

If you're an influencer or have high traffic, tons of blog posts, and utilize your blog often, you can go with the higher tier. I personally started with the lower end and upgraded to the mid-tier when I started my blog.

If you're just getting started you'll need: A domain (your url such as coyotehaus.com), a Showit subscription, and a few days to turn your template into your very own creation.

We include this information and links in our resource guide as well for those that haven't yet purchased a domain or are  apart of Showit family yet!

What can't you customize! This drag and drop platform allows you to completely change everything, if that's your desire! You can easily change fonts, photos, and colors.

You can also move everything around entirely, take out sections (called canvases), add canvases or create new pages with the canvases already created. 

No fear, Showit is here! Seriously though, Showit's support is unlike any other I've ever encountered. With a live chat that typically responds within hours (with real live experts) and a library full of tutorials, videos, and instructions.

Plus - you've got me! I'm here to help in any way I can with my own support and you can email me at anytime if you need help and if I am unable to help you, I can always point you in the right direction with Showit Live support and what questions to ask!

Totally understandable! Even I don't love to do my own site (so much more fun to do others, ha!). If you grab a template (or even already have a template) and you decide you'd rather spend your day focusing on other tasks...or at the spa while someone else does the dirty (err creative) work for you...I'm here!

You can purchase our two-day Template Customization and be on your way in no time.


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Seamless checkout for your convenience. Pick your preferred payment, and you're on your way to designing a website that's ready to wow the world in just a few days!

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